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Earl Grey Loose Tea


Twinings Earl Grey Tea is a light and aromatic blend of fine black tea, scented with bergamot, a citrus fruit. Legend has it that the second Earl Grey was presented with this exquisite recipe by an envoy on his return from China. A cup of Twinings Tea provides a delicious diversion from the everyday. For 300 years we've pursued our passion and commitment to one thing--assuring customers the world's finest tea experience. Twinings travels thousands of miles through exotic tea gardens across many continents to capture the best possible teas and flavors. With expert blending, Twinings creates the richest journey in black, green, and herbal teas. Pale gold and delicate, Earl Grey is best drunk black or with a little milk, or with a slice of lemon.


  • Light
  • Citrus
  • Bergamot
  • Aromatic


Black tea, natural flavours, bergamot peel

SKU: F15094

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